Lesson 1

What are Scaled Copies?

Let’s explore scaled copies.

Problem 1

Here is a figure that looks like the letter A, along with several other figures. Which figures are scaled copies of the original A? Explain how you know.

An original figure of the letter A and 4 other figures on a grid. 

Problem 2

Tyler says that Figure B is a scaled copy of Figure A because all of the peaks are half as tall.

Do you agree with Tyler? Explain your reasoning.

Two 12 sided figures in the shape of a W are labeled A and B. 

Problem 3

Here is a picture of the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, CA.

A satellite image looking down on a stadium in the shape of an oval. The stadium is slightly wider than it is tall.

Here are some copies of the picture. Select all the pictures that are scaled copies of the original picture.

4 images of the original picture of the Rose Bowl. These images each have different dimensions.

Problem 4

Complete each equation with a number that makes it true.

  1. \(5 \boldcdot \text{______} = 15\)
  2. \(4 \boldcdot \text{______} = 32\)
  3. \(6 \boldcdot \text{______} = 9\)
  4. \(12 \boldcdot \text{______} = 3\)