Lesson 14

Surface Area of Right Prisms

Let’s look at the surface area of prisms. 

Problem 1

Edge lengths are given in units. Find the surface area of each prism in square units.

Five prisms.


Problem 2

Priya says, “No matter which way you slice this rectangular prism, the cross section will be a rectangle.” Mai says, “I’m not so sure.” Describe a slice that Mai might be thinking of.

A rectangular prism.
(From Unit 7, Lesson 11.)

Problem 3

\(B\) is the intersection of line \(AC\) and line \(ED\). Find the measure of each of the angles.

  1. Angle \(ABF\)

  2. Angle \(ABD\)

  3. Angle \(EBC\)

  4. Angle \(FBC\)

  5. Angle \(DBG\)

Two lines and two rays that intersect at point B creating 6 angles. 
(From Unit 7, Lesson 5.)

Problem 4

Write each expression with fewer terms.

  1. \(12m-4m\)
  2. \(12m-5k+m\)
  3. \(9m+ k-(3m-2k)\)
(From Unit 6, Lesson 20.)

Problem 5

  1. Find 44% of 625 using the facts that 40% of 625 is 250 and 4% of 625 is 25.
  2. What is 4.4% of 625?
  3. What is 0.44% of 625?
(From Unit 4, Lesson 9.)