Lesson 2

Points on the Coordinate Grid

Lesson Purpose

The purpose of this lesson is for students to locate and describe points on the coordinate grid.

Lesson Narrative

In this lesson students use the numbers on the horizontal and vertical axes to describe the location of points in the plane and then learn that these numbers are called the coordinates of points. They learn that the point \((5,2)\), for example, is on the vertical line labeled 5 and the horizontal line labeled 2. The number 5 is called the horizontal coordinate of \((5,2)\) and the number 2 is called its vertical coordinate. Students practice identifying the coordinates of points and plot points with given coordinates. It gives students a reason to attend to the location and coordinates of each point and to use language precisely to describe them (MP6).
  • Representation

Activity 1: What’s the Point?

Learning Goals

Teacher Facing

  • Locate and name given points on the coordinate grid by using an ordered pair of numbers, called coordinates.

Student Facing

  • Let’s plot points on the coordinate grid.

Required Materials

Materials to Copy

  • What's the Point

Required Preparation

Activity 1:

  • Create a set of cards from the blackline master for each group of 2.

CCSS Standards


Building Towards

Lesson Timeline

Warm-up 10 min
Activity 1 20 min
Activity 2 15 min
Lesson Synthesis 10 min
Cool-down 5 min

Teacher Reflection Questions

Who participated in math class today? What assumptions are you making about those who did not participate? How can you leverage each of your student’s ideas to support them in being seen and heard in tomorrow’s math class?

Suggested Centers

  • Can You Draw It? (1–5), Stage 5: Grade 4 Shapes (Supporting)
  • Which One? (K–5), Stage 5: Grade 4 Shapes (Supporting)

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