5.1 Finding Volume

Unit Goals

  • Students find the volume of right rectangular prisms and solid figures composed of two right rectangular prisms.

Section A Goals

  • Describe volume as the space taken up by a solid object.
  • Measure the volume of a rectangular prism by finding the number of unit cubes needed to fill it.
  • Use the layered structure in a rectangular prism to find volume.

Section B Goals

  • Describe the calculations from the previous section as $\text{length} \times \text{width} \times \text{height}$ or $\text{area of the base} \times \text{height}$.
  • Find volume using $\text{length} \times \text{width} \times \text{height}$ or $\text{area of the base} \times \text{height}$.

Section C Goals

  • Find the volume of a figure composed of rectangular prisms.
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Glossary Entries

  • area

    The number of square units that cover a flat figure without gaps or overlaps.

  • cubic unit
    A unit cube with side lengths that are standard measurement units that is used to measure volume.

  • rectangular prism
    A solid figure which has six faces that are rectangles.

  • unit cube
    A cube whose sides are 1 unit long, used to measure volume.

  • volume
    The number of unit cubes that fill a solid figure without gaps or overlap.