5.8 Putting It All Together

Unit Goals

  • Students consolidate and solidify their understanding of various concepts and skills related to major work of the grade. They also continue to work toward fluency goals of the grade.

Section A Goals

  • Divide multi-digit whole numbers using place value strategies and the properties of operations.
  • Fluently multiply multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.

Section B Goals

  • Solve multi-step problems involving volume.

Section D Goals

  • Review the major work of the grade by creating and designing instructional routines.
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Glossary Entries

  • area

    The number of square units that cover a flat figure without gaps or overlaps.

  • axes
    The numbered lines on a grid.

  • coordinate grid
    A grid containing the horizontal and vertical axes.

  • coordinates
    A pair of numbers that shows an exact position on a grid. The first number represents a position on the horizontal axis and the second number represents a position on the vertical axis.

  • cubic unit
    A unit cube with side lengths that are standard measurement units that is used to measure volume.

  • horizontal axis
    The number line that runs from left to right in a pair of axes.

  • power of 10
    The result of multiplying 10 by itself a given number of times.

  • rectangular prism
    A solid figure which has six faces that are rectangles.

  • right triangle
    A triangle with a 90 degree angle.

  • unit cube
    A cube whose sides are 1 unit long, used to measure volume.

  • vertical axis

    The number line that runs up and down in a pair of axes.

  • volume
    The number of unit cubes that fill a solid figure without gaps or overlap.