Lesson 1

Two-way Tables

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Problem 1

This two-way table shows the results of asking students if they prefer to have gym class in the morning or the afternoon.

  morning afternoon total
grade 6 15 8 23
grade 8 18 21 39
grade 10 12 26 38
total 45 55 100
  1. How many students participated in the survey?
  2. How many students in grade 8 prefer to have gym in the morning?
  3. How many grade 10 students participated in the survey?
  4. How many students prefer to have gym in the afternoon?

Problem 2

A random sample of adults are asked about their preferences for a first dinner date with someone. Complete the two-way table so that it has the characteristics listed.

  • 122 people responded to the survey.
  • 50 of the people who said they order dessert said they also prefer to split the check.
  • 68 people prefer splitting the check.
  • 56 people prefer to skip dessert rather than ordering one.
  order dessert no dessert
split the check    
one person pays    


Problem 3

Students in the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade were asked whether they prefer to write in pen or pencil. 

  • 40 students prefer to write in pen. 
  • 60 students prefer to write in pencil. 

Create values that could represent the number of students in the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade that responded to the survey. 

Problem 4

A recent study observed the number of bike riders ages 0 to 20 that wear helmets. The results are represented in the table.

  wear helmet did not wear helmet
0-5 years 21 4
6-10 years 34 14
11-15 years 14 18
15-20 years 3 12

Make an observation based on a data value that is not in the table. Explain your reasoning.