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Corrections to the Second Printing
Your book is from the second printing if it has K5_v1 and then a date, such as 20211203, at the very bottom of the copyright page. The first printing does not have a date below K5_v1. The second printing of these materials has the corrections to the first printing listed below already in place.

Unit 2, Lesson 14, Activity 3, Required Materials. “Counters” should be added.

Unit 2, Lesson 15, Activity 2, Launch. Instead of “a page from the blackline master.” it should say “two copies of a page from the blackline master.”

Unit 3, Lesson 7, Activity 1, Required Preparation. Instead of “2 inches” it should say “\(2\frac{3}{4}\) inches”.

Unit 6, Lesson 9, Activity 3, Launch. In bullet 6 instead of “Display the dot page.” it should say “Display the gameboard.” and in bullet 7 instead of “...2 groups of dots that go together...” it should say “...2 groups that go together...”

Centers, Bingo, Center Narrative. Instead of “choose a card” it should say “generate a number”. Stage 3 Narrative, instead of “with that number of dots” it should say “with that number of images”. Stage 3, the “Number Cards 11–19” BLM should be added.

Centers, Build Shapes, Stages 1 and 2, Required Materials. Instead of “2 inches” it should say “\(2\frac{3}{4}\) inches”. 

Corrections to the First Printing
Your book is from the first printing if it has K5_v1 at the very bottom of the copyright page. The second printing has a date below this line.

Unit 1, Lesson 8, Activity 2, Activity Synthesis. Instead of “Display cards A and F.” it should say “Display cards A and E.”

Unit 1, Lesson 14, Activity 3, Launch. Instead of “ determine how many pattern blocks they need” it should say “ determine how many connecting cubes they need” and instead of “ share how they determined which pattern blocks they needed” it should say “ share how they determined how many connecting cubes they needed.”

Unit 1, End-of-Unit Assessment, Materials Needed. Remove “Two papers, one showing 2 black dots and one showing 3 black dots.”

Unit 2, Lesson 16, Activity 1, Activity Synthesis. Instead of "apples" it should say "boats".

Unit 2, Section B, Practice Problems, Problem 4a, Student response. Instead of "six fingers” it should say "seven fingers”.

Unit 3, Lesson 1, Warm-up. The brown bear holding a heart was changed to a blue bear holding a heart.

Unit 3, Lesson 7, Activity 1, Student Task Statement. Instead of “shapes” it should say “straws”.

Unit 3, Lesson 10, Activity 1. In the Launch and on the recording sheet, instead of “orange triangles” it should say “orange squares”. An updated blackline master is available online.

Unit 4, Lesson 7, Lesson Narrative, Access for Students with Disabilities. Instead of “Action and Expression” it should say “Representation”.

Unit 4, Lesson 13, Activity 3, Launch. Instead of “spinner” it should say “rings”. 

Unit 5, Lesson 8, Activity 2, Student Responses. Instead of the second “6 dates stuffed with cheese, 2 dates stuffed with almonds” it should say “2 dates stuffed with cheese, 6 dates stuffed with almonds."

Unit 5, Lesson 14, Warm-up, Student Response. Instead of “There are 5 squares on a 10-frame.” it should say “There are 10 squares on a 10-frame.”

Unit 7, Lesson 1, Activity 2, Activity Title and attached BLM, instead of “Make Rhombuses” it should say “Shape Puzzle”. Launch, instead of “puzzle of a rhombus” it should say “puzzle”. Activity, Student Responses, Activity Synthesis, instead of “fill in the rhombus” it should say “fill in the puzzle”.

Unit 8, End-of-Unit Assessment, Problem 5. Addressing Standard K.NBT.A.1 should be added.

Course Guide, Assessments Guidance, Formative Assessment Opportunities. This sentence was added about monitoring sheets: “Each section also has a monitoring sheet that can be used to indicate that students are meeting the section goals.” 

Course Guide, About These Materials. A note was added about frequently used blackline masters recommended for lamination, including a list of where to find these blackline masters in each grade.