2.1 Adding, Subtracting, and Working with Data

Unit Goals

  • Students represent and solve story problems within 20 through the context of picture and bar graphs that represent categorical data. Students build toward fluency with addition and subtraction.

Section A Goals

  • Build toward fluency with adding within 100.
  • Build toward fluency with subtracting within 20.

Section B Goals

  • Interpret picture and bar graphs.
  • Represent data using picture and bar graphs.
  • Solve one- and two-step problems using addition and subtraction within 20.

Section C Goals

  • Make sense of and interpret tape diagrams.
  • Represent and solve Compare problems with unknowns in all positions within 100.
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Glossary Entries

  • bar graph
    A way to show how many in each group or category using the length of rectangles.

  • data
    Information about the things or people in a group.

    Example: If you have a box of colored pencils, then the lengths and colors of each of the pencils are data about the pencils in the box.

  • picture graph
    A way to show how many in each group or category using pictures of the objects or symbols.