Required Materials


any fair two-sided coin

Four-function calculators

Graphing technology

Examples of graphing technology are: a handheld graphing calculator, a computer with a graphing calculator application installed, and an internet-enabled device with access to a site like or For students using the digital materials, a separate graphing calculator tool isn't necessary; interactive applets are embedded throughout, and a graphing calculator tool is accessible on the student digital toolkit page. 

Graph paper

Index cards

Masking tape

Meter sticks

Number cubes

cubes with sides numbered from 1 to 6


Pre-printed slips, cut from copies of the blackline master

Scientific calculators

Slips of paper

Spreadsheet technology

Statistical technology

Tape measures

Tools for creating a visual display

Any way for students to create work that can be easily displayed to the class. Examples: chart paper and markers, whiteboard space and markers, shared online drawing tool, access to a document camera.