Early printings of the course guide did not include sample responses for each modeling prompt. To access these, visit the modeling prompt pages online (link).

Unit 1, lesson 3, cool-down. In the solution, changed Q1 to 40.

Unit 2, lesson 8, practice problem 10. The last line of Han's solution changed to \(6 = 5\). The responses for C and D changed to \(x = 6\) and \(x = 5\) respectively.

Unit 2, lesson 15, lesson synthesis. For the second discussion question, changed the coordinate pair to \((2,3)\).

Unit 2, lesson 18, practice problem 4. In the solution, changed \(w \ge 12\) to \(w \ge 36\).

Unit 2, lesson 20, activity 20.4. The solution to 3 is now correct as \(x leq 2\) and the number line for choice B is updated to reflect this. The solution to 6 is now correct as \(x \geq 2\) and the number line for choice C is updated to reflect this.

Unit 2, lesson 21, practice problem 3. The solution to the first part should read, "Sample responses: \((5,10), (\frac13,3), (\text-3,\text-2)\)."

Unit 2, lesson 22, practice problem 4. Changed the solution to the second part: "See graph. A solution represents a number of dimes and a number of quarters that together are worth $8.50 or more."

Unit 2, lesson 23, practice problem 9. Changed the first sentence of the solution to "\((1.5,\text-4)\) is a solution but \((4,\text-4)\) is not a solution."

Unit 2, lesson 26, practice problem 4. Changed order of answer choices so that the solution is correct.

  1. \(2x-5y\ge20\)
  2. \(5x+2y\ge20\)
  3. \(4x-10y\le20\)
  4. \(4x-5y\ge20\)
  5. \(2x+10y\le20\)

Unit 4, Lesson 16, practice problem 8. In the solution to part d, changed \(11 \le t \le 4.5\) to \(11 \le t \le 14.5\).

Unit 7, Lesson 6 and glossary. In the glossary entry for "constant term," changed the last number from 12 to -4.

Unit 7, Lesson 11, Warm-up. A student response to the first item was missing, which should be "\(x\)".