Modeling Prompt: Giving Bonuses

In Class Launch

Use after Unit 4, Lesson 8.

Read the situation in the task statement aloud, or ask students to read it to themselves quietly.

Tell students to think about these questions:

  • “What might be some different ways of giving bonuses?”
  • “Does anyone have a job and has gotten a raise or a bonus? How are your allowances determined? Do they ever change?”
  • “What variables should be considered? What information do you need to know about the employees to compute bonuses for each of them?”

Give students a few minutes of quiet think time, then ask them to talk over their ideas with a partner. Finally, ask students to share their ideas with the whole class and record these ideas for all to see.

Ask students if they have any questions about the situation.

If students want to know what type of company it is and what jobs the employees are doing, tell them that they can make up a fake company with specific jobs.

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