Modeling Prompt: Planning a Concert

In Class Launch

Use after Unit 7, Lesson 2.

Ask students if they have been to a concert or a similar event before. Invite students to share what the experience was like. For example, where was the event? Were a lot of other people there? Who was performing?

Then ask students what they would need to think about if they were planning a concert. After some quiet think time, ask students to share their ideas with a partner. Then invite students to share something they or their partner thought of, and record the ideas for all to see. Possible responses include:

  • which band or performer to have
  • how much to charge for tickets
  • whether to charge for parking
  • how many people to expect
  • where to have the concert
  • what kinds of food and drink to sell
  • whether to sell backstage passes or other special add-ons

For each item that students suggest, ask whether it represents something that will cost the organizers money, or that will make the organizers money. Some items may do both—for example, the organizers will need to pay the band, but the band is also the reason the audience is paying money for tickets. In this case, the band will probably bring in more money than they are paid, so overall paying the band is not a cost. Remind students that profit is the amount the organizers make minus the amount they pay. Tell students that in this task they will plan a concert themselves.

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