Lesson 4

Tables, Equations, and Graphs of Functions

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Problem 1

The graph and the table show the high temperatures in a city over a 10-day period.

Embedded alt text:
day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
temperature (degrees F) 60 61 63 61 62 61 60 65 67 63
  1. What was the high temperature on Day 7?

  2. On which days was the high temperature 61 degrees?

  3. Is the high temperature a function of the day? Explain how you know.

  4. Is the day a function of the high temperature? Explain how you know.

Problem 2

The amount Lin’s sister earns at her part-time job is proportional to the number of hours she works. She earns \$9.60 per hour.

  1. Write an equation in the form $y=kx$ to describe this situation, where $x$ represents the hours she works and $y$ represents the dollars she earns.

  2. Is $y$ a function of $x$? Explain how you know.

  3. Write an equation describing $x$ as a function of $y$.

Problem 3

Use the equation $2m+4s=16$ to complete the table, then graph the line using $s$ as the dependent variable. 

$m$ 0   -2  
$s$   3   0
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Problem 4

Solve the system of equations: \(\begin{cases} y=7x+10 \\ y=\text-4x-23 \\ \end{cases}\)